The lips are one of the most sensual and evocative features of a woman’s face. Despite the fact that no words are spoken, subtle continual messages are transmitted. At a subconscious level, the shape, contours, shadows, and fullness of the lips fascinate and enchant us all. As the lips capture our attention and interest, different colours of lipstick, glosses, and other ways to accentuate the lips are essentially an art form in and of themselves.

The beauty and appeal of a woman’s lips should always be the center of attention. It’s a good thing to have sensual, appealing lips that captivate the attention and the imagination in a nonverbal way. Even the most costly and perfectly applied lip make-ups fall short when previously full lips begin to thin or lines begin to flow into the border of the lips. Lips that lack substance and contour, have lost some of their delicate curvatures and style, or have become “a narrow strip of red,” give out negative messages about aging and sexuality. It all comes back, and then some, when you restore the lips (or bring out contours and fullness that were never truly there).

Lip Fillers

My passion is creating gorgeous lips. Even though it is generally performed as a simple office treatment, shaping and sculpting the lips requires a lot of my aesthetic talents as a plastic surgeon. Using non-surgical injectable treatments in the office to bring out the genuine beauty and sexiness of the lips is highly safe, effective, and satisfyingly gratifying. This “artwork” includes more fullness and a plumper appearance to the lips. Yes, the lips can be made to look overly thick and overdone, just like everything else in the realm of cosmetic surgery. More descriptive of what I do are the delicate curves, edges, borders, shadows, and varied forms to the different sections of the lips that I attempt to bring into focus with the gentle application of filler. Lips that are naturally attractive and difficult to look away from, but in a “non-obvious” way - this is my goal, and hopefully yours as well.

Today, we have some fantastic injectable therapy choices for shaping the lips. These are FDA-approved, biologically compatible, but entirely synthetic substances that allow me to add a little here and there, exactly like an artist would while creating a work of art. There is no need for an operating room or incisions because everything is done in the office. Just a few minutes before we begin, a specific numbing lotion is administered to the lips to make things more comfortable. All contemporary fillers are pre-mixed with a local anesthetic ingredient to make the injection process even more bearable.

We’ll be finished in 15 to 20 minutes, and the results will be ready to view! Because there may be some swelling or even bruising, it is best to prepare ahead and avoid having this done only minutes before the wedding. Otherwise, the effects are almost immediate and should last 6 to 12 months! Luscious lips can be maintained continuously with one to two treatments per year.

The effect of so-called “smoker’s lines” and any “lipstick running” difficulties can be limited by defining a better boundary or border (like some amazing lip liner). I try to give the lips a more 3-D appearance, especially from the side. That’s because, in addition to any thinness, there’s typically a flatness that takes away a lot of the uniqueness and shapeliness of the lips, which can be restored with artistic filler sculpting. I always try to make the tubercle - or center section - of the upper lip a little plumper, and I enjoy giving the bottom lip a little of a pout because it looks both cute and sensual.

I’m often going for a more sensuous and softer look for the mouth and lower face area, in addition to producing gorgeous lips. We may get a lot more accessible, soft, and friendly appearance by using filler treatments to concurrently smooth out any wrinkles, folds, or creases that may exist around the lips. All of this in a matter of minutes, with immediate results.

The use of one’s own fat to augment one’s lips is also quite popular and effective. However, this is a little more complex than using “off the shelf” fillers. First, we’ll use some specific harvesting-style liposuction techniques to extract the fat from anywhere you might have “a little extra.” After the fat has been refined and condensed, injection procedures are used to shape the lips. This can be done at the office, but it will need more “planning.”

Many patients also prefer to have fat injection/sculpting for their lips done in the operating room, where they can also have more final liposuction and other operations. Fat injected into the lips can expand for a long time, possibly two or more weeks, in contrast to the restricted swelling associated with filler treatments. If intense social obligations make this an issue, the fillers are unquestionably a superior option. Although some fat may be absorbed (up to 50% in some situations! ), the majority of patients will be pleased with their results, which should last them for many years!

Lips that are beautiful, youthful, and luscious, instilling confidence and a sense of well-being. In a really intimate and human way, it makes every day a little bit better. It’s a wonderful sensation, and it’s an honor and a privilege to be able to make such lips.